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new menu

Today we start the new summer menu. Updated to reflect seasonality and to give the regulars a bit of a change. It will be postd on the website very shortly. Please come soon to test it out.
Mon, Jun 11, 2012

British Pie Awards

Yesterday was the British Pie Awards hosted by the Melton Pork Pie Association. The event takes place in the beautiful St Marys Church. Pie makers sent in approx 900 pies judged in 18 classes. Judges this year included chefs Phil Vickery, Rachel Green, food critic Charles Campion as well as a host of locals who battled their way through the tastings. Having been a judge 2 years ago I know how difficult the task is and was more than happy this year to help on the hospitality side of things with Ruth Wakeling (from Bouverie Lodge Farm) !!

As in previous years Sysonby sponsored the accommodation for a number of the judges. We love being a part of such a great event. Jan the chef on duty the night everyone stayed was a bit worried with all the 'foodies' staying but I have to say she rose to the challenge and we had very positive feedback from all. It in on 24th April next year. 

Thu, Apr 26, 2012

Hotel Olympia

Gavin and I have just been on the biannual trip to Hotel Olympia in London. This year held at Excel it is a great opportunity to have a look at what is new and a good excuse to go to London. Children safely lodged at friends houses we managed an overnight and stayed at Horseguards Hotel which was absolutely lovely (not as good as us of course!). We always come away with new ideas and enthused to update things - hopefully you will see the benefit of this around the hotel over the next year.

Fri, Mar 02, 2012

Nearly there

'Nearly there' was an expression of my mothers - when actually we weren't ! However we are almost there last few parties over the next couple of  days and then Christmas Day. Zoe and I have been shopping today for the last few presents for the guests on the day- just need to wrap 80 and then persuade Santa to drop in and hand them round. Looking forward to seeing all the regulars on the day- most have been coming for a long time.
Wed, Dec 21, 2011

We are now in the full throes of Christmas- as much as you try not to - you do count down the days.

 In between 'turkey bashing' we are trying to keep going on other projects. New signage has gone up around the hotel, the guests may now be able to find the toilets and some of the more illusive rooms! We have also named the 3 fouposters. Room 3 is the 'Thurman Room', room 2 is 'Easom room' and room 5 is the 'Colonel Pitt' room. The names are after previous owners of the hotel.
Fri, Dec 16, 2011