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News from Sysonby Knoll

This week we are carrying on with the refurbishament programme. Room 5 the four poster overlooking the garden has been gutted. the new bathroom suite and furnishings have arrived, it will be out for a few weeks as there is a lot to do.

New curtains and bedding have also arrived for 14, 15, 26 and 29 as well as some extra runners and bits and bobs for other rooms. Rooms 15 and 26 have been redecorated as well. It seems never ending the refurbishment but i do feel we are making progress.
Fri, Sep 21, 2012

Last weekend was especially busy with the 'Rare Breeds' show a BBQ and Sysonby Harvest Supper. It seemed a good idea at the time to get it all done in one weekend ! The BBQ was the one delayed from June due to the awful weather, on this occassion we were blessed, weather and atmosphere great -  the 'do' went on until midnight when they had to come in to avoid keeping the residents and neighbours up !

Sysonby Church harvest supper also occurred this weekend. We transported the food down after the service and  produce auction. With ticket sales, produce auction and collection a grand total nearly £100 was raised for chuch funds. Thanks to all those who donated produce.
Tue, Sep 11, 2012

Rare Breeds Show

Last weekend saw the annual 'Rare Breeds' animal show in Melton. Farmers across the country bring their rare breed sheep and cattle-  show and then sell them over a 2 day period. We saw a lot of regular returning guests and it is always a weekend i really enjoy. This year saw the added bonus of BBC countryfile filming at the event. Adam Henson (Adams Farm) and his parents brougt some sheep to sell and they also judged. We (especially the kids) were very pleased that they stayed with us. Zoe waited for Adam at breakfast and was rewarded with a signed picture and card. James presented Adam with a jar of his own honey and both had their picture taken. Zoe and I visited the show on sale day and are looking forward to seeing the episode on TV late September.
Mon, Sep 10, 2012