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News from Sysonby Knoll

It was looking increasingly likely as time progressed and yes it happened on Thursday the CLA Game Fair was cancelled. A huge loss to the area and of course to us. Many thanks to those guests booked who have said they are coming anyway ! We as a family were going with friends - kids very disappointed. Today was also the day booked for Sysonby Church fund raising afternoon tea, but like many events we have had to postpone due a waterlogged lawn and unreliable weather.

We all have to keep hopeful that the sun will pop its head out shortly and console ourselves that it's nice weather for ducks (as the kids keep telling me!)

On the upside the dry weather yesterday saw the bees covering our borage crop in the field (that is in full flower). Walking past you could hear the crop buzzing- amazing. Bees are not having a good year, but with Borage on their doorstep hopefully they will go up a gear in honey production with a few non rainy days. 

Sun, Jul 15, 2012

Country Fair

The country Fair was again a really good event, the weather was fairly kind- a bit of light rain. Gavin was there with the Leicestershire and Rutland Beekeepers and their demonstration tent. Zoe and I made things and ate things (no change there). James and his friend Kit were most interested in the rather loud battle reenactments. Lovely bison burgers from Bouverie Lodge washed down with offerings from Belvoir Brewery !

Olympic Torch Run

Wed, Jul 04, 2012