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Christmas Day

Christmas day arrived, the team dressed up as you can see. Lindsay a fetching Miss Santa, Laura a reindeer, Jade a cute elf, Wayne a rather ghostly snowman. Zoë alternated between an elf and an angel, James was a christmas tree. The 79 guests plus 2 babies seemed to enjoy themselves. Santa did the rounds with Zoë and James supervising. James subjected the guests to 'Good King Wenceslas' on the piano (non stop), he has just started learning !!

 We had a few new tables to welcome, the 'Dyckoffs, Gillans & Hunters'. The rest being regulars who have been celebrating Christmas with us for years!!

[caption id="attachment_256" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The Team at Christmas"]The Team at Christmas[/caption]
Mon, Dec 28, 2009


Yes its nearly here. We are in the midst of 'turkey bashing'. We have been lucky to have a lot of return visitors from last year. We are also offering those who eat with us a Christmas a '2 for 1' voucher to use in January, February or March 2010. It is a great offer with no catches except you must pre book with the voucher. If you are dining this Christmas don't forget to take your voucher and don't lose it! Filling in a customer feedback form also gives the opportunity to win a bottle of champagne.

Christmas Day is fully booked with nearly all being those who joined us last year. Santa has been filling his sack and has booked us in for a visit. James and Zoe haven't decided their costume yet, Zoe's christmas pudding last year was really cute. We are still trying to persuade Pete to dress as a fairy again and Lindsay as a Miss Santa!
Mon, Dec 14, 2009

The first weekend in December saw a couple of events. A large party of guests booked in for the Saturday evening to attend the wedding of Mr Boon, this took place at Brooksby Hall. Congratulations to the newlyweds.

The Victorian Christmas Fair and the Christmas Tree Festival also took place in the town. This year we didn't make it to see the trees bit did catch the end of the Fair. The event went well, Colin from Belvoir Brewery and Tim from the Cheeseboard both said sales were good. I pass my congratulations onto Ruth and her helpers for a well organised event that promotes Melton and really delivers.
Mon, Dec 07, 2009